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We will fix that laptop problem you've been having, we can solve most of the problems the same day. So if you have a broken laptop screen or a dodgy power jack. MacWin's Laptop Repair Manchester service can help you

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Laptop Repair Manchester : With laptops functioning much like desktops despite their small size, purchasing a laptop for work, school or play seems like a no-brainer. Laptops afford you the best of both worlds with the maximum portability of a tablet or mini-notebook but larger memory size for all of your files, like a desktop. But when it decides to stop working you struggle to find a good laptop repair service. Let us take care of your laptop problems !


My laptop wont charge can you fix it ?

Absolutely, A laptop not charging could be due to several reasons : damaged charging connector, bad power control fuse, faulty laptop charger. We can take care of it just fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

My laptop screen is broken can you replace it ?

Yes, We will replace your laptop screen the same day prices may vary with brands and models. Contact us using our small contact form and we will get back to you with price.

My laptop is overheating and turning off, whats wrong ?

Your laptop might be overheating because of dust choking the cooling fan and the heat sink. We can fix this for  you !

Are you the original Laptop Repairs Manchester ?

There are several businesses using laptop repairs manchester as their brand name such as Techways, etc. Original or not our service is second to none.

Still have a question?

Our Laptop repair manchester F.A.Q is constantly updated on a regular basis. We know that each laptop has its own problems, so if you didn’t find an answer to your question, or want more information, feel free to contact us with the our online form, call us, or visit us in store.

Some recent queries submitted by our customers :

When using the laptop for any length of time or for anything demanding it shuts down due to overheating. I have bought a stand with fans and this helps a bit but it still shuts down eventually. Is this something that could be repaired? Could you give an estimate?

When turning the laptop on all i get is a plain white screen

I would like to restore this netbook to factory settings as it has searchnu on it and a lot of the updates won’t work.

I have smashed the screen on my Acer Aspire Laptop and it seems to be pressing onto the internal screen leaving it with splodges across the screen.

Laptop Repairs Manchester – Services Breakdown :

Service : Laptop Screen Repairs Manchester – PC Repair Manchester

We offer a screen replacement service for both led and lcd screens, the cost to repair laptop screen varies with brands and models. Our Laptop Screens are brand new and come with 90 days warranty.