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If you are looking for a iPad repair service in Manchester then look no further. We can help you with your iPad no matter what the problem is. Our prices are great & the repair time is short and yes we repair every iPad model.

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iPad Repair Manchester : Do you have a broken screen or some issue needing repair? Have you been searching for Manchester’s fastest and best quality  screen repair company?

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We provide nationwide repair services. We provide service to customers from London to Glasgow… and everything in between.

The iPad was introduced in April 2010 and has been nothing short of a groundbreaking consumer product. The large glass “digitizer” screen, which covers the entire top surface of the device, sits on top of a high resolution LCD. The glass digitizer is what enables the unique multi-touch “gesture” capabilities .


Since each iPad has its own problems, we’ve made a quick iPad Repair Manchester F.A.Q section listing the most common questions asked by our customers. If you don’t see an answer to your specific problem, feel free to use our online contact form, call us, or visit us in store.

iPad Repair Manchester F.A.Q :

Which iPad models do you repair ?

We currently repair all iPad models at an affordable price  :

  1. The original iPad (iPad 1)
  2. iPad 2
  3. The New iPad (iPad 3)
  4. iPad 4
  5. iPad mini

I have a white iPad 2 with a broken screen can you repair it ?

Yes we stock a range of iPad 2 glasses in different colours.

My iPad does not detect any WiFi can you fix that ?

Yes, in most cases this caused by a faulty wifi antenna or a faulty dock connector flex in the original iPad.

My iPad does not charge when I connect the charger can you repair that ?

Yes, this is usually caused by a faulty dock connector.

Can you repair my iPad LCD ?

We repair all broken iPad lcd’s at a reasonable price. All you have to do is just fill out our online form, and we will contact you shortly.

If you are in our area, feel free to drop by with your broken iPhone. Depending on our current workload, we’ll most likely repair your broken screen on the spot. If you’re busy, you can leave it with us and come back at a later time to pick it up.

I’ve damaged my iPad back housing can you replace that ?

Yes, All you have to do is just fill out our online form, and we will contact you shortly.

Still have a question?

Our F.A.Q is constantly updated on a regular basis. We know that each iPhone has its own problems, so if you didn’t find an answer to your iPad Repair Manchester question, or want more information, feel free to contact us with the our online form, call us, or visit us in store.

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