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Sat Nav Repairs

Sat Nav Repairs

Sat Nav Repairs, MacWin offers sat nav repair services for all sat nav brands. We stock most of the parts such as lcd's, power jack's, touchscreens & firmwares.
TomTom Repairs
TomTom Repairs ? broken TomTom screen, battery not holding charge, charging port broken, maps have disappeared. We can fix that ! TomTom Repairs


Is your console giving your a hard time ? Get it fixed ! Xbox 360 : 3 flashing lights, error code 74, overheating, games not loading. Playstation 3 : Games or Blu-Ray not loading - reading, no power, damaged ports usb - hdmi - power, not ejecting disks, yellow light, red light.We repair it all !
Computer Repair

Computer Repair

The best computer repair service you will ever experience, power supply faults, blue screen of death, virus spyware removal, operating system upgrade reinstall, memory upgrades, hard drive upgrades and much more
Laptop Repair
Laptop Repair : Whether your laptop has a broken screen or a faulty hard drive, We repair most of the problems within a day ! (laptop repairs) Find out more about this service
iPad Repair

iPad Repair

iPad Repair : The iPad is the epitome of gadgets. But the LCD may crack or the front glass may break, the digitizer shatters, power button, home button, headphone jack or the device falls in water. Then, chaos ensues. Luckily MacWin is there to repair your indispensable gadget.
Blackberry Repairs

Blackberry Repairs

Blackberry Repairs : If you've a damaged screen, garbled sounds or a keys that simply won't work, we can take care of that for you. If your phone keeps losing service, won't charge or your friend can't hear you, we can sort it out for you.
iPhone Repairs

iPhone Repairs

iPhone Repairs - From the orginal iPhone to iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and the new iPhone 5, We repair them all, broken screens, broken front glass, broken backs, headphone connectors, charging docks, loudspeakers, microphone, batteries, volume buttons, power button.

Here at Mac Repair Manchester repairWe aim to provide the best experience to our customers, Our commitment is to offer you the best price on the market with the best customer service experience !

We restore a  variety of tech devices available on the market today.

Our services are not limited to the ones listed below, please feel free to navigate from the top menu and select the repair service of your choice !


Mac Repair Manchester

When it comes to Mac Repair Manchester you want only experts handling repair work.We aim to quickly collect and restore your device.

We have Apple certified technicians working as a part our team, We have all the required skill sets and tools to complete a successful  job.

We offer mac repair manchester services for :

  • MacBook 
  • MacBook Pro 
  • MacBook Air 
  • iMac 
  • Mac Pro 
  • Apple TV 

Broken Screen or water damage we repair absolutely anything and no job is too small for us !


mac repair manchester